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Baross tér 15
Hungary 1077
Landline during business hours English/Hungarian: +36 1 999 0832, Fax: +36 1 999 0835



Same as Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Paris

1 hour ahead of London,
6 hours ahead of New York,
9 hours ahead of Los Angeles,
7 hours BEHIND Singapore,
8 hours BEHIND Tokyo,
and 10 hours BEHIND Sydney. Hungary is in timezone GMT+1.

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Szentendre TourAn exciting artists' village just outside Budapest, with cafes, museums, churches, wine cellars and shops! This is the most popular half-day trip destination in Hungary. Return to Budapest by boat in the main season, or by comfortable minibus in the off-season (boat from March through October).More:Szentendre Tour
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Jewish Budapest TourBudapest has an exceptionally rich Jewish cultural heritage and magnificient architecture. Interior visit of the Dohany street Synagogue. More:Jewish Tour
Herend, Lake Balaton TourTour the world-famous porcelain factory with a guide, see the Hungarian Sea (Lake Balaton).More:Herend, Lake Balaton Tour
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