Etyek wine tour

Etyek wine tour

This afternoon wine-tasting tour will get you acquainted with the special wine producing region of Etyek. From your hotel we drive you to the Haraszthy-Vallejo Wine Cellar in Etyek, near Budapest, where the tastiest Hungarian wines and snacks are served. After the wine tasting, you have the opportunity to purchase from the tasted wines. Following the return to Budapest, the tour concludes at the Chain Bridge, in the city centre.

Departures: Pick-up at your hotel at 2 PM. Tour concludes at around 6:30 PM.

January 01 - February 28: No tour
March 01 - March 31: Saturday 2:30 PM (Pick-up at hotel at 2 PM)
April 01- October 31: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 2:30 PM (Pick-up at hotel at 2 PM)

Price: EUR 44 / HUF 11.000 per person. Contact us for the reservation of this afternoon excursion:

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